Course Description

Required by SC State Board of Nursing for remediation.

This course is designed to allow the nurse who has been disciplined by the Board of Nursing due to medication errors to maintain licensure pending board approval. The course consists of 48 on-line pharmacology and administration lectures, as well as 8 hours of laboratory practice and 8 hours of formal competency testing for administration of all types of medications. With SC Board of Nursing.

Upon successful completion of this course the nurse will receive a certificate for verification of successful completion of the medication review course. This certificate should be copied and mailed to the Board of Nursing.


At the end of this course students will be able to:
1. Integrate the South Carolina Nurse Practice Act into medication administration
2. Identify common medication errors in healthcare and identify the incidence, cause, implications, and ramifications
3. Identify ethical principles of medication administration
4. Define absorption, distribution, and elimination of medications
5. Identify how medication administration differs across the life span
6. Identify the impact of substance use and abuse on client outcomes by physicians, nurses, and clients
7. Identify nursing implications, such as trade and generic names, side effects, lab values to be monitored, safe doses, routes, client education, and nursing interventions of common medications administered in the acute care setting

* Read the South Carolina Nurse Practice Act
* Identify sections that pertain to medication administration and misconduct
* Define of suspension and revocation
* Define the "code of conduct"
* Describe the procedure for disciplinary hearings
* Define incompetence and unprofessional conduct
* Define "administration of medications"
* List common medication errors
* List the incidence of errors in South Carolina and in the United States
* List the causes of medication errors and the impact and ramifications on clients, nurses, and healthcare institutions
* Develop a plan to reduce the number of medication errors and defend your plan with resources from literature reviews
* List ethical principles of medication administration. Apply the principles to one situation in which you were involved.
* Answer the question: Why is it important for health care providers to be aware of OTC medications and herbals?
* Define Absorption, Distribution, and Elimination

The nurse must achieve a minimum score of 80% on each of the on-line lecture examinations to be successful in the course. If the student does not achieve a score of 80% on an individual examination, it is the nurse's responsibility to notify the instructor via private email. The instructor will review the student's exam and provide remediation feedback and allow the student one more attempt at the exam. If the student is unsuccessful on the second attempt, the Board of Nursing will be notified of failure of the course. The Board of Nursing will then determine the student's professional licensure outcome.

Laboratory Policies:
The 16 laboratory hours are mandatory per the Board of Nursing. The laboratory hours are to be arranged by the nurse with the instructor via private email upon completion of the lectures and successfully passing of each unit examination. The nurse must pass an exam, in the lab, prior to beginning the competency testing. The exam consists of questions related to math calculations, medications, and administration. This exam must be passed on the first attempt with a score of 80% or better.

The laboratory study consists of 8 hours of practice utilizing case scenarios. The last 8 hours consist of a case study competency based formal check-off. The nurse will be given 6 patients to provide care and medicate in the laboratory setting. The nurse must successfully medicate all 6 clients in the setting with no medication errors or deficiency in care.

Contact Information
It is recommended that the nurse contact the instructor by utilizing the private email feature within the program. If the student is unable to access the instructor via private email, the following methods may be utilized.

Abbe Fass
Greenville Technical College
Buck Mickel Center, Room 184
PO Box 5616
Greenville, SC 29606
Fax: (864) 250-8806
Phone: (864) 250-8235

Dates:May 1 - July 31, 2013
Meets:W from 12 M to 12:00 AM
Fee: $425.00

Log-on instructions will be emailed within 2-3 business day of registering. Has 16 lab hours at the Healthcare Training Center. Required Book: Textbook Required: Pharmacology for Nurses, 2nd ed., ISBN 13-175665-6, approximate cost $75. Your book must have a Web Ct access code. The book may be purchased by calling the Greenville Technical College bookstore at 864-250-8173 and requesting the book by the ISBN listed above and the course number BOC529.

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