Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt - Technical Expert, Coach & Train-the-Trainer

Please note prices are subject to change.

Number: 201XBUS59101

Dates:June 15 - September 18, 2020 Other Dates

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th and F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Cost: $12,990.00


Master Black Belts play a critical role in deployment of a successful Lean Six Sigma Initiative.  This course helps develop three of the key competencies that every Master Black Belt needs:

1.    Ability to instruct others in LSS tools, methods, and concepts

2.    Ability to coach other belts in order to help them achieve faster, better results on projects

3.    Deeper understanding and competency in basic and advanced technical concepts and tools


Through this application based class, increase your confidence, enhance credibility, and solidify project, technical, instruction and coaching abilities.  Participants will:

·         Develop a deeper understanding of basic and advanced Lean Six Sigma tools and methods

through extensive technical case studies, ‘deep dives’, and exercises; this is a very “hands-on” course

·         Gain knowledge and understand methods for successfully coaching and mentoring black belts, green belts and others

·         Understand how to prepare for training and learn tips for being an effective trainer

·         Become more confident as an instructor through practice and feedback in a safe environment

·         Gain an understanding of adult learning principles and how they can effectively be applied in training

·         Learn how to set-up, conduct, debrief and enhance debrief and enhancement of simulations and supplemental “new” exercises

Course Modules (not in any particular order)

A significant portion of the class is designed to build your knowledge and competency of advanced Lean Six Sigma concepts and ensure mastery and deeper understanding of basic concepts.  Portions of class will be customized to meet specific participant needs where possible.  Includes training in areas black belts struggle like attribute data, non-normal data, sample sizing and applications in service or manufacturing support areas. 


ABC Stratification (expanded)

Hypothesis Testing: Basic & Advanced

Analytical Batch Sizing

Linear (simple/multiple) and Logistic Regression


MBB Roles and Responsibilities

Capability: Attribute and Continuous

Measurement System Analysis – Attribute & Continuous

Constraint Identification and Management

Handling Non-Normal Data and Related Methods

Control Charts: Attribute & Continuous

Non-Parametric Statistics (using medians)

Categorical Data Analysis

Process Balancing and Process Flow Improvement

Chi Squared Analysis

Replenishment Pull Systems

Coaching Best Practices

Response Surface Methods

Conjoint Analysis

Sampling Considerations and Sample Sizing

Constraint Identification

Setup Reduction in Service and Office Support Areas

Data Distributions

Train-the-Trainer Tips and Practice

DOE: Basic & Advanced Methods

Value Stream Mapping

Generic Pull Systems & WIP Caps

Other lean and Six Sigma topics

*         Topics subject to change based on updates to material by George Group and participant needs



Certification as a Master Black Belt is a combination of training combined with demonstrated

application. Certificates include George Group/Accenture name, world class leaders and the

people who wrote the books on Lean Six Sigma.  Two certificates are provided:

·         Master Black Belt Certificate of Training – upon successfully taking training and passing

      final exam

·         Master Black Belt Certification – full MBB certification upon meeting project and other


Materials include:

*        Supplemented George Group course materials and notebooks

*        Recommended resources (free)

*        Supplemental Greenville Technical College Exercises

Mandatory Qualifications and Expectations

1.    Completed Black Belt training and preferably certification or equivalent

2.    Participants are expected to have basic Black Belt skills such as team facilitation, meeting management, presentation abilities, and influencing others successfully

3.    Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of Minitab for typical Black Belt

graphical and statistical tools.  While participants will get extensive Minitab review and training,

those with limited Minitab experience should refresh prior to class and in between sessions

so at the end of training you will have “mastered” Minitab

4.    While methods will be refreshed, participants are expected to have basic competency in Black Belt lean and Six Sigma tools



Class Tuition Costs

Per person fee:           $ 12,990 for 15 days of class; cancellation charges will apply.  


Minitab:                       Students must have Minitab 14 or higher versions for class ($1,395)

                                    Minitab 17 is current version.


Registration               Contact

Or                                Marco.Luzzatti@gvltec.edu or 864-250-8063

Information:               Genell.Owens@gvltec.edu or 864-250-8094


Location:                    Buck Mickel Center, Greenville Technical College

                                    216 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC

                                    Near scenic downtown Greenville and at foot of nearby mountains

                                    Within 20 minutes of airport and near every major hotel chain


Week 1: 6/29-7/3; Week 2: 8/3-7; Week 3: 9/14-18/2020
Date Day Time Location
06/15/2020Monday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
06/16/2020Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
06/17/2020Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
06/18/2020Thursday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
06/19/2020Friday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
08/03/2020Monday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
08/04/2020Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
08/05/2020Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
08/06/2020Thursday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
08/07/2020Friday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
09/14/2020Monday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
09/15/2020Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
09/16/2020Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
09/17/2020Thursday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
09/18/2020Friday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS