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Brian Aiken
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Rebecca Aventi
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Dan Blakely
Audrey Boyd
Craig Bradenbaugh
K'Daya Brantley
Phil Brown
Angela Brown
Terrilyn Cameron
Bill Chinners
Dianne Collins
Sylvia Coltrane
Lisa Conry
Matthew Craddock
Suzan Dagg
Jerdone Maria Davis
Timothy Davis BA Art Bob Jones University
Pat Dodson
Melissa Drummond Has BA in Spanish from Furman University.
Mike Ellenburg
Abbe Fass
Joy Finch Joy Finch joined the faculty of Greenville Technical College in October 2000 after twelve years of field experience as an environmental consultant. As a Professor and a Department Head for Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety in the college's Corporate and Career Development division, she has been instrumental in the launching of internationally recognized environmental, safety and sustainability training at Greenville Tech. Her division offers face to face and online training for a variety of EHS subjects including healthy homes, asbestos, lead, indoor air quality, green technologies, and occupational health.

Joy served as a member of the Board of Certification for Certified Environmental Trainers (CETs) from 2005-2010, and in 2013 she was invited by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals to participate in the revalidation process for the CET designation. She holds the Healthy Homes Specialist credential from the National Environmental Health Association and serves on the Curriculum Committee of the National Center for Healthy Housing. She is Past President and current Board Member of the Environmental Information Association and she serves as the Education Chair for the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. In 2014, she was recognized as an Outstanding Alumnae by Converse College and she received the Snider Lifetime Achievement Award from the Environmental Information Association. Joy has an MS in Environmental Management from University of Maryland University College, a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Sustainability from Furman University, and a BA in Music Performance and Humanities from Converse College.
Larry Finney
Andrew Fitch
Sergio Franco
Corey Fuller
Ronny Gillespie
Orlando Gonzalez
Stephanie Gregg
Jeffrey Gurrie
Jeff Harbin
Melissa Hester
Tonya Hill
Kenderic Hooks
Joe Hughes
Danny Hunt
Bill Husk
Independent Study
Curtis Jackson
Hank Jackson
Dave Jacob
Kathy Jones
Alecia Kellett
James Kellett
Gregory Langdon
Marian LeGrand
Amanda Lowery
Marco Luzzatti
Joice Lynn
William "Bill" Marcley
Tonya Miller
Jennifer Moorefield
Douglas Morelly
Sonia Morris
Paul Mozoski
Wayne Mullen
Dianne Neely
Renee Nelson
Elizabeth Nichols
Scotty Nicholson
Josh O'Shields
Genell Owens
Nicole Paul
Jay Pearson
Kim Petrillo
Kathryn Rice
Scott Roark
Amanda Rollins
Jim Roy
Jeffrey Sammons
Dennis Setser
Darrien Smith
Brandy Sperry
Sarah St. Germain
Robert Staples
Mel Stauffer
Lisa Stroud
Nikeema Lee Swaby
Amy Turner
Patrick Wagner
Dolories Whaley Full time Floral at Mauldin Bi-Lo
Gene Wilson
Sherman Woodson
Mick Yoder WordPerfect 6.1, PowerPoint, Microsoft Works, Quicken, Windows 95, Access 2 Level 1, Microsoft Office Suite, Access 7, Getting Started on Internet, Word 6 leve 1, Access 2 adv., Intro to PC's, WordPerfect Lev. 1, Windows 95 Upgrade, Wordperfect level 2, Excel 5 Worksheets, Word 6 Level 2, Word 7 Leve 1, Wordperfect 6 Level 1, Excel 7 Worksheets, Access 2 level 2, Wordperfect Adv, Word 6 Adv., Windows 3.1, Wordperfect adv, Excel 5 Adv.
Michael Zavislak