CPR/Heartsaver (Hybrid)

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Number: 221PAHS51301

Dates:August 1 - December 16, 2022 Other Dates

Meets: Monthly, last Fri from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Location: 000-No Location Needed

Cost: $79.00


PLEASE NOTE: This Heartsaver class is not for medical personnel/ students. For CPR education geared toward healthcare/ dental course of study/ occupation, please click here:

For CPR education geared toward healthcare/ dental course of study, please click here: BLS Healthcare Provider

Effective CPR provided immediately after a sudden cardiac arrest, can double or even triple a victim's chance of survival. This is a vital skill that everyone needs to be prepared to provide because the opportunity to save a life can happen to anyone. With our CPR training, you can become confident in your ability to help others - friends, family, co-workers, neighbors - in an emergency. This class covers adult, child and infant CPR as well as use of an AED.

This convenient hybrid format merges AHA’s online lecture/ simulation with their research-proven Practice-While-Watching technique. The self-paced online courseware is accessible anytime (24 hours a day) and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. A Certificate of Completion can be printed by the student after successful completion of the online portion. This certificate must be presented to the instructor upon arrival at the practice and skills check session. The student will meet with an AHA instructor to complete a hands-on skills practice session and a skills test which takes approximately one hour.

Please allow up to three business days to receive your key code and log-in instructions. Student will also receive enrollment confirmation for the next available Skills Check session (see schedule here).  Please remember that your scheduled check-off session is considered a class, and cancellation/no-shows may be subject to additional charges/ fees.

The skills check must be completed within 90 days of course enrollment and within 60 days of the date of the printed completion certificate. Participants must successfully pass skills checks, especially involving continuous compressions on an adult and infant manikin.

*For students under 18 years of age, call 864-250-8637 prior to registration for minor application.


Approximately 2 hours online plus a mandatory skills checkoff with an AHA instructor. Log-on instructions will be emailed within 3-5 business days. Must bring your PRINTED online Certificate of Completion to the skills checkoff session which is usually held the last Friday of each month at Greenville Technical College.
Fee: $79.00

000-No Location Needed