Basic Baking Skills - Entry Level Certificate Program

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Number: 221XBKP51102

Dates:November 28 - December 15, 2022 Other Dates

Meets: M, Tu, W and Th from 8:00 AM to 12 N

Location: CHI 112

Cost: $1,995.00


Workforce Scholarship Grants and other funding is available to cover the cost of QuickJobs training! For more information, sign up for a virtual informational session today.

LEARN The skills you need to get a job in the hospitality industry....quickly!

In CHI's Quick Jobs: BASIC BAKING SKILLS entry-level certificate program, students learn basic baking and pastry techniques in preparation for a job in a professional bakeshop or pastry kitchen, with an emphasis on the essential science and skills that ensure consistent results. This hands-on learning experience is for students who are not familiar with a commercial bakeshop or pastry kitchen and have minimal experience preparing and baking pies, cakes, cookies, quickbreads and yeast breads. This program is modeled after the introductory-level baking skills course offered at the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas.

Held over the course of six weeks, this 12-evening program covers all of the essential skills you need to succeed in a professional bakery or pastry kitchen. The following outline details what you’ll learn on each day of class (subject to change):

  • Day ONE:  Orientation and the Science of Baking
    • Essential baking ingredients and identification
    • Tools and equipment
    • Understanding the baking process
  • Day TWO: Cookies and Quick Breads
  • Day THREE: Custards and Creams
  • Day FOUR: Pies and Tarts
  • Day FIVE: Pâte à Choux—Eclairs, Churros and Profiteroles
  • Day SIX: Puff Pastry Desserts—Napoleon, Cream horns and Bouchée
  • Day SEVEN: Cake Mixing and Baking Methods
  • Day EIGHT: Multiple Buttercream Methods
  • Day NINE: Cake Decorating and Torte Techniques
  • Day TEN: Plating Desserts and Presentation
  • Day ELEVEN: Yeast Dough Production
  • Day TWELVE: Mixing and Baking Baguettes, Sourdough and Soft Rolls

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the course fee cover all costs for this program?
Yes! The course fee covers all costs to attend, including materials for class, books and required uniforms for courses in the kitchen. Students must provide closed-toe, non-slip shoes. Financial assistance to cover the course fee is available. See below.

Is financial assistance available for these programs?
Yes! Grant funding and other financial assistance opportunities are available for eligible participants. Find out more about the Workforce Pathways Grant and sign up for a virtual informational session on Funding for Quick Jobs today.

What will I learn?
In Quick Jobs Cooking, you'll learn essential skills for every station of a commercial kitchen, plus professional life skills for success in the hospitality industry.

In Quick Jobs Baking, you’ll learn essential skills for every professional baker and pastry chef, with an emphasis on practical knowledge and the science of baking and pastry.

Do I need a knife kit?
No. A knife kit is provided for cooking courses.

Do I need to buy a uniform?
No. Uniforms are provided for Quick Jobs Cooking and Baking courses. Students must provide their own closed-toe, non-slip shoes.

Are books and class materials provided?
Yes. We provide everything you need.

Are meals provided?
For full-day programs, CHI will provide lunch every day of class. For half-day or evening programs, no meals are provided.

May I miss a class?
As these are intensive job training programs, every day of training is important. Students must attend every class to earn a certificate of completion, but accommodations may be made for students who are already ServSafe and/or TIPs certified.


  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Please, no children under the age of eight.
  • Note that grilling courses may take place indoors during inclement weather.
  • For the latest on weather-related delays and cancelations, visit Greenville Technical College’s policies on inclement weather.
  • Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: While every effort is made to accommodate food allergies, CHI is a teaching facility that includes the preparation of all foods. Please be aware that our menu items may contain or come into contact with common allergens such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish or wheat. Please call (864) 250-8835 if you need to request accommodation for any allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Please visit CHI Policies & Procedures at to learn more about dress code requirements designed for your safety during class.
  • Based on available data, masks are now optional for all employees and students based on the individual's comfort level. Those who are unvaccinated are strongly encouraged to continue wearing masks. Please be respectful of the needs and choices of others as we lift the mask requirement.
  • When you arrive, proceed to the restrooms to wash your hands properly for 30 seconds. Hand sanitizer is throughout the building, however, washing hands is the best way to remove and kill pathogens.
  • For updated information, please check reopening plans and guidelines to the college’s response to COVID-19.



Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to class so that we can start on time.

Please visit "About CHI >> CHI Policies & Procedures" to learn more about dress code requirements designed for your safety during class.

Fee: $1,995.00

CHI 112

Truist Culinary & Hospitality Innovation Center 112 Greenville Technical College 556 Perry Ave. Suite B114 Greenville SC 29611
Date Day Time Location
11/28/2022Monday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
11/29/2022Tuesday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
11/30/2022Wednesday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/01/2022Thursday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/05/2022Monday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/06/2022Tuesday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/07/2022Wednesday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/08/2022Thursday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/12/2022Monday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/13/2022Tuesday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/14/2022Wednesday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112
12/15/2022Thursday8 AM to 12 N CHI 112