Stress-Free Problem Solving for Today's Workplace

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Number: 232XMGT52701

Dates:February 20, 2023 Other Dates

Meets: M from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Location: CMI 215

Cost: $339.00

Learn a "how-to" process for solving compelling problems at work! Develop your logical and creative skills in problem solving.

This unique course guides you in exploring, in-depth, some of your own problems or decisions you are grappling with at work. You will learn the most common mistakes people make while solving a problem and how to properly define the problem before seeking potential solutions. You will also learn how to brainstorm solutions, evaluate alternatives, and become an effective decision-maker who routinely achieves important goals.

You will learn to:
* Expand your awareness of problem solving steps and problem-solving tools
* Distinguish between root causes and symptoms and apply the right solution for the right problem
* Identify your personal problem-solving style
* Participate in and communicate about a collaborative problem-solving process
* Map out a personal Action Plan for solving an existing real-world challenge

This course is part of the Supervisory Certificate Series


This course is part of a series of six competency-based courses entitled the SUPERVISORY CERTIFICATE.

Fee: $339.00

CMI 215