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ADV TECH: Mastering Baking Week

Dates: July 8-11, 2024

Meets: M, Tu, W and Th from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: CHI 112

Registration Fee: $169.00

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, this course is full. Please call 864-250-8800 to inquire about other course options.


From mastering the perfect pastry to creating mouthwatering breads, chocolates, and candies, campers will learn the secrets to achieving professional-level results. Through a combination of demonstrations, hands-on practice, and group projects, participants will develop the skills and confidence necessary to become true baking masters.

In addition to honing their baking techniques, campers will also learn about the importance of kitchen safety, proper ingredient measurements, and the science behind baking. They will gain a solid foundation in understanding the role of different ingredients, such as flour, sugar, eggs, and leavening agents, and how they interact to create the desired textures and flavors.

We believe that baking is not only about creating delicious treats but also about fostering a love for the culinary arts. Campers will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity by experimenting with flavors, decorations, and presentation techniques.


Topics include: Biscuits/Muffins/Cornbread, Chocolates & Candies, Danish Pastry, Rolls/Breads/Braids For all culinary camps, please adhere to the following dress code. This is for the safety of your campers. Non-compliant students may be sent home. - Closed toe shoes. NO Flipflops or sandals. Non-slip sole preferred, tennis shoes are acceptable. - Long pants. NO short shorts, athletic shorts, skirts or dresses. - Please wear closes that fit. Excessively baggy clothing is potentially dangerous in a working kitchen environment.
Fee: $169.00

CHI 112

Truist Culinary & Hospitality Innovation Center, Room 112
556 Perry Avenue Suite B114
Greenville SC 29611

Date Day Time Location
07/08/2024Monday1 PM to 5 PM CHI 112
07/09/2024Tuesday1 PM to 5 PM CHI 112
07/10/2024Wednesday1 PM to 5 PM CHI 112
07/11/2024Thursday1 PM to 5 PM CHI 112


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