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Module I : Online Theory Course, RN

Dates: May 9 - July 24, 2024

Meets: Tu from 9:00 AM to 12 N

Location: 000-No Location Needed

Registration Fee: $1,099.00

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The RN Refresher Online program is designed to update and enhance the nursing knowledge and clinical skills of inactive registered nurses who are preparing to reenter active practice. The program addresses foundational competencies for medical-surgical nursing of the adult in today’s increasingly complex current workforce setting.

The RN Refresher Online program spans six months and is comprised of four modules: Online Didactic Course, Online Skills Course, Face-to-Face Lab Practicum (offered at the Brashier Campus of Greenville Technical College), and On-Site Clinical Externship.

Enrollment requirements:
The nurse candidate  
Must have been licensed as a nurse, previously and good standing with the Board of Nursing.
Must have a clean Background Screening for the past 7 consecutive years, no candidate will be accepted with a felony charge, of any type.
Must have a clear past nursing license without any disciplinary charges.

MODULE I: ONLINE DIDACTIC COURSE XNUR 507 - 10 weeks and 100 contact hours

At the completion of this course, the nurse refresher will demonstrate competency and renewed self-confidence in the following areas:

  1. Utilization of an online learning environment to achieve an intermediate level mastery for test-taking on specified topics as well as lesson plans.

  2. Application of critical thinking skills in the review of medical-surgical nursing. This includes content related to the following:

  3. identification of normal and abnormal findings in the assessment of specific body systems,

  4. alterations in health specific to various body systems,

  5. medical management and nursing care of the above alterations in health, including related pharmacological interventions.

  6. Understanding the role and scope of practice of the registered nurse in current healthcare settings.

Module I: Didactic only option — Nurses with active licenses may choose to enroll in the didactic portion only.

Module I is designed to be completed in 10 weeks. It is a managed paced format using the Elsevier Medical-Surgical textbook with adaptive quizzing software with an additional software package to enhance learning current pharmacology requirements.

Computer Skills Required for This Class Include:

  • Use of a desktop or laptop computer for basic tasks.

  • Use of a word processing and printing program with the ability to name, save and upload documents.

  • Log onto the Internet (connect) from a home, office, or college computer.

  • Navigate the Internet using a browser program.

  • Use email, including attaching a file to an email message.

  • Download a program from the Internet plus installation of the same.

  • Toggle and minimize between screens.

  • Do searches on the web, locating and noting reference information.

  • Use a streaming video/audio program for multimedia.

  • Use an online discussion board forum and chat room.

  • Use of your personal flash drive for saving information.


Students will receive an email on how to purchase the textbook, software and ATI Pharmacology Made Easy.Students will receive an email on how to purchase the textbook, software and the ATI Pharmacology Made Easy, software.

One week prior to the start of the class, you will receive a Welcome Letter from providing information about logging into Blackboard, the learning management system. In this letter, your username and password will be provided. Steps to complete before class:
1. Download the app for to your laptop PC or MAC
2. Download browser Google Chrome, making sure that you have a webcam and audio capabilities.
3. Create a folder on your desktop and name it: Pharmacology Made Easy
4. If you have not completed this assignment, Complete the Basic Computer Skills Assignment and return it to

Fee: $1,099.00

000-No Location Needed

Wanda Baker

Jerdone Maria Davis

Abbe Fass

Date Day Time Location
05/09/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
05/16/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
05/23/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
05/30/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
06/06/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
06/13/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
06/20/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
06/27/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
07/04/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
07/11/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
07/18/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed
07/25/2024Thursday9 AM to 12 N 000-No Location Needed


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