Solar Energy Technology Basics (SOL 120 Blended)

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Number: 181XSOL50101

Dates:September 14-29, 2018 Other Dates

Meets: F and Sa from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Location: ET 410

Cost: $449.00


This course is a study of the fundamental concepts of solar energy and systems, site assessment, electrical and thermal energy, energy storage, return on investment and licensing requirements. Additional topics include relevant codes, permitting orientation, solar irradiance, energy analysis, active and passive solar systems and their appropriate uses for residential and light commercial applications.

Prior experience in Building Science and/or Construction or a college degree is recommended for this fast-paced learning experience.  The course includes online research and competency exams and completion of a practicum using a Solar Pathfinder.  Students should have college level math (MAT-101) and English (ENG-165) skills, and the use of a scientific calculator will be required.  When combined with Solar Photovoltaic Systems (SOL 201), this training may be used to become eligible to take the NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate™ Examination. 

Fee: $449.00

ET 410

Date Day Time Location
09/14/2018Friday8 AM to 6 PM ET 410
09/15/2018Saturday8 AM to 6 PM ET 410
09/21/2018Friday8 AM to 6 PM ET 410
09/28/2018Friday8 AM to 6 PM ET 410
09/29/2018Saturday8 AM to 6 PM ET 410