Arrhythmia - Basic

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Interactive online self-paced course that takes you from the basic anatomy and physiology of the cardiac system to more complex pathophysiologic processes. Teachings in basic electrophysiology guide the learner to interpret basic and advanced arrhythmias of the heart. The course includes coverage of pacemaker arrhythmias and 12 lead EKG. The course features full-color illustrations, video presentations and moving rhythm strips. Interactive exercises guide the learner as they realize the complexities of cardiac structure and arrhythmias.

This 24-hour course is perfect for those who need arrhythmia training or a refresher for telemetry techs or nurses.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:
* Describe the anatomy and physiology of the heart and the conduction system
* Explain the phases of the cardiac cycle
* Interpret waveforms on an ECG strip
* Calculate rate, rhythm, and measure waveforms on ECG paper
* Describe the appropriate steps in the analysis of a rhythm strip
* Identify accurately sinus rhythms
* Identify accurately sinus arrhythmias
* Identify accurately atrial rhythms
* Identify accurately ventricular rhythms
* Identify accurately junctional rhythms
* Identify accurately AV blocks
* Identify accurately pacemaker rhythms
* Perform a 12 lead EKG
* Identify accurately abnormalities on a 12 lead EKG

Employment Opportunties
Monitor Technician in a medical center

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