Hazardous Waste Manifest Update

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This short course provides updated information on the recent changes to the Hazardous Waste Manifest. The course has been designed to cover the changes to the manifest requirements as well as how comply with the off-site shipment of hazardous waste. On March 4, 2005, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a Final Hazardous Waste Manifest System Rule, which becomes effective on September 5, 2006. The Rule establishes a standard manifest form and changes existing RCRA manifest system requirements. The changes are designed to streamline and improve hazardous waste tracking, record-keeping, and reporting. The changes impact everyone involved in the shipment of hazardous wastes. Who Should Take This Course Personnel who generate, handle, store, treat or dispose of hazardous waste may be required to prepare or interpret a hazardous waste manifest. Environmental managers at facilities who use hazardous chemicals, and individuals wanting to know more about hazardous waste regulations will find the information provided in the course valuable.


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Fee: $75.00