RN Refresher

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RN Refresher Course

RN Refresher Course

For visitors returning to the website: Please note that information about the course was updated on October 06, 2020.

Orientation April 5, 2021, Virtually.

This course is comprised of three components: 120 hours of didactic theory, 64 hours of skills lab practicum online and 84 hours of precepted clinical externship in your home community.

For completion of the course, all three components must successfully be completed in the allowed period. The theory  and skills portion is completed entirely online and virtual at your own pace.

Program Overview:

The RN Refresher Course prepares RNs with inactive licenses to practice nursing with a reactivated or endorsed license in the state of South Carolina. The course focuses on three components of caring for the adult client experiencing common health alterations: didactic theory, laboratory skills, and a precepted clinical externship.


The purpose of this course is to enable the RN to reactivate or to update his/her license to allow him/her to function with competence and renewed self-confidence within the legal parameters of the Nurse Practice Act and the ANA Code of Nurses.

Orientation Packets will be mailed two weeks prior to the start of the class.

Student Learning Outcomes: It is expected that by the end of the course, the nurse will be successful in applying the nursing process by:

1. Proving competence in medical-surgical, adult-nursing theory by studying the textbooks and associated publisher resources (videos, PowerPoints, outlines) then successfully completing chapter tests on the major body systems (assessments, disease processes, pharmacological interventions).

2. Proving competence in documentation of case studies by practicing with EHR GO electronic medical record software.

3. Mastering successfully with 100% acuity within one attempt math medication calculations.

4. Demonstrating knowledge of pharmacological principles for commonly prescribed medications (Therapeutic actions, Indications, Contraindications/cautions, adverse effects, and Critical nursing actions).

5. Demonstrating safe and effective medication administration.

6. Renewing self-confidence in basic nursing skills by successful demonstration within two attempts: Intravenous therapy, Central line care, Tracheostomy suctioning/care, and Urinary catheterization.

7. Performing data collection for with identification of priority problems and interventions; administration of medications with verbalized understanding of pharmacological principles; and appropriate reporting and documentation of patient care.

8. Demonstrating knowledge and proficiency with the components of emotional intelligence (EI) including:

a. Effective communication,

b. Enthusiasm and positive attitude,

c. Effective teamwork and networking,

d. Effective critical thinking and problem solving skills, and

e. Conduct that displays professionalism at all times.


Didactic Tests and Assignments: Chapter Tests, Specific Unit Assignments, and EHR GO software documentation assignments comprise the testing necessary to complete the didactic portion of the refresher course.

REQUIRED Individual Chapter Tests are based on the NCLEX licensure exam. The database includes multiple choice, and occasional ordering or multiple answer selections that are automatically randomly selected.

Skills Lab Competencies: Skills Competency sheets with a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory rating per skill. The medication math test must be 100% with the calculation work included when submitted in. With successful completion of the Skills Laboratory Practicum Competencies, the nurse refresher will advance to the Clinical Setting portion of the refresher course.

Clinical Setting: Under the supervision of a RN nurse preceptor, the nurse will demonstrate satisfactory integration of the nursing process (theoretical knowledge with nursing skills) in compliance with the regulations of the SC State Board of Nursing and the ANA Code of Nurses. *It is the responsibility of the nurse refresher to secure her/his own clinical site and RN preceptor.* Clinical Setting: The nurse preceptor will award at the end of the 84-hour clinical a "Pass" or "Fail" grade.

Faculty: Wanda Baker MSN, RN, Jerdone Davis, RN, Abbe Fass BSN, RN and Elizabeth Ann Nichols, RN.

Requirements for clinical placement:

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Completion and Submission of application to SCBON for Reactivation/ Endorsement/Reinstatement of Nursing License.
Proof of current RN liability insurance (maximum coverage: $1 million/$6 million)
Current American Heart Association BLS, BLS Provider certification.
2 STEP Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD) or Chest X-ray if skin test is positive.
Rubella (German Measles), Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Varicella Titer (Actual titer levels and actual Lab Re-port or recommendation of vaccinations protocol as outlined on the Health form must be submitted.

Health Form from primary care provider

Hepatitis B vaccine (Recommended, not mandatory)

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis within the last 10 years

Influenza Vaccination - required during flu season October to March - (may vary with clinical sites)

Proof of Personal Health Insurance (may vary with clinical sites)

Drug, Urine, and Blood Screen may be required by certain clinical sites (check your institution of interest, and ask timetable.)

-Clinical Site for Preceptorship (Clinical Plan/Preceptor Agreement Form) It is the responsibility of the nurse refresher to secure her/his own clinical site and RN preceptor.

Participants may experience additional variable expenses or clinical site-specific training as they prepare for clinical.



Application to the SC Board of Nursing for reactivation/endorsement needs to be completed after Orientation. Important information about how to complete this application will be given during Orientation. Application instructions are posted on the SC Board of Nursing website.

Eligibility Requirements: It is the nurse's responsibility to ensure eligibility for reinstatement or reactivation. Nurses are instructed to contact the Board of Nursing prior to enrollment. Legal issues, disciplinary actions, a background check with misdemeanors/felonies or any health issues, which may preclude clinical in a clinical setting, should be discussed with the Board of Nursing before enrolling in this course. The ultimate responsibility is that of the nurse in seeking reinstatement or reactivation to ensure that all Board of Nursing requirements are addressed prior to enrolling.

Temporary License: Once the nurse has passed all theory testing, completed successfully all the laboratory practicum days, and all clinical required paperwork is turned into the clinical coordinator, a request will be issued for a temporary license. A temporary license can only be requested after all clinical requirements and the completed preceptor agreement is submitted to the clinical coordinator, Abbe.Fass@gvltec.edu.

The preceptor agreement must be filled out completely. This approved preceptor must supervise the nurse at all times. The temporary license is issued to the nurse based on the preceptor agreement. A nurse must have a temporary license to participate in the clinical experience. The temporary license will be issued for 60 days. The clinical externship must be completed within 60 days.

The temporary license is issued only for the clinical externship and not for employment.

Technical Performance Standards Purpose: To provide the participants with a clear understanding of the physical demands:

Issue/Standard/Examples of Necessary Activities

1) Communication - ability sufficient for interaction with others in verbal and written form. (Example - Explain treatment procedures; initiate health teaching; document and interpret nursing actions and patient responses).

2) Critical Thinking - ability sufficient for clinical judgement. (Example -Identify cause/effect relationships in clinical situations, develop nursing care plans and calculate medication dosages accurately.)

3) Environment - ability to work in healthcare settings. (Example - Work in environment with temperature changes, frequent contact with water or other liquids, sufficient noise to cause distraction and hazards where there is danger to body or health.)

4) Hearing - ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs. (Example - Hear monitor alarm, emergency signals, auscultatory sounds and cries for help).

5) Interpersonal - abilities sufficient from a variety of social, emotional, cultural and intellectual backgrounds. (Example - Establish and maintain supportive relationships with patients and other healthcare providers.)

6) Mobility - ability sufficient to move from room to room and maneuver in small spaces; ability to lift, position, push or transfer patients. (Example - Move around in patients' rooms, work spaces and treatment areas; administer CPR; pushes, pulls or moves/lifts equipment and supplies (up to 25 pounds); ability to reach, stoop, bend, kneel, crouch; prolonged standing and walking).

7) Motor Skills - gross and fine motor skills sufficient to provide safe and effective nursing care. (Example - Calibrate and use equipment; position patients; assist patients in and out of bed; use coordinated finger and hand movements).

8) Self-Care - ability to present professional appearance and implement measures to maintain own health and not place patient in jeopardy. (Example - implement universal precautions; use good personal hygiene; have no lesions or irritations [i.e. hangnails, psoriasis, eczema, blisters, etc.]; no nail biting.)

9) Smell - olfactory senses sufficient for maintaining environmental and patient safety. (Example - distinguish smells that contribute to assessing and/or maintaining patient's health status [i.e. smell smoke]).

10) Tactile - ability sufficient for assessment of physical health status. (Example - perform palpation, functions of physical assessment [take a pulse and perceive temperature] and/or those related to therapeutic intervention [i.e. insertion of a catheter]).

11) Visual - near and far visual acuity sufficient for observation, assessment and implementation. (Example - Observe patient responses; read patients' records, including physicians' orders, administer and document medications; read gauges; digital printouts and computer screens).

It is the responsibility of the nurse refresher to secure her/his own clinical site and RN preceptor.

The clinical externship must be completed by September 30, 2021.


  • Use a desktop or laptop computer for basic tasks.

  • Use a word processing and printing program.

  • Log onto the Internet (connect) from a home, office, or college computer.

  • Navigate the Internet using a browser program.

  • Use email, including attaching a file to an email message.

  • Download a program from the Internet and install it.

  • Do a search on the web, locating and noting reference information.

  • Use a streaming video/audio program for multimedia.

  • Use an online discussion board forum and chat room.

  • Use of your personal flash drive for saving information given during orientation.

License to Practice (Reactivation and Endorsement)

Once the clinical rotation has been completed, it is the preceptor's responsibility to submit to the Greenville Technical College clinical coordinator a completed clinical evaluation. The nurse refresher must turn in a record of attendance, clinical site evaluation, and both GTC name badges. A request for a license will be turned into the Board of Nursing by the clinical coordinator after all paperwork has been received.

State Board of Nursing: 803-896-4550

Peter A. Kubas

Education Consultant

SC State Board of Nursing

110 Centerview Drive, Columbia, SC 29211-1329



For more information, contact Abbe Fass: Abbe.Fass@gvltec.edu or 864-250-8235

Greenville Technical College, P.O. Box 5616, MS 1121, Greenville, SC 29606.

Withdrawal or Refund:

After orientation and before seven (7) days after course start date, if the participant decides against continuing, s/he is allowed a total refund minus a $ 75.00 registration fee.

STUDENT DISABILITY SERVICES Greenville Technical College is committed to providing equal opportunity for all students with disabilities and assisting students in making their college experience successful in accordance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Student Disability Services are available to assist in the planning and implementation of appropriate accommodations.

Students who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life function are responsible for identifying themselves to the Student Disability Services office and providing appropriate documentation. This office will then develop an accommodation plan based on the needs of the student and the course requirements. Students are encouraged to contact the office as soon as possible to discuss their individual needs.

Accessibility Statement: The College is committed to providing information on the web in an accessible format and efforts are being made to assure equal accessibility to people with disabilities. If you have difficulty, accessing any information presented on this website, please contact Student Disabilities Coordinator. Elaine.Scott-Mattison@gvltec.edu.


A student packet will be mailed 2 -3 weeks prior to Orientation with forms to be reviewed and completed before Orientation.

All course work will be due by July 29, 2021 The clinical externship will be completed in your home area with a completion date of September 30, 2021. Time will be provided during Orientation for you to purchase the book bundle offered through the Brashier Bookstore.
Fee: $1,950.00

Fee Breakdown

Category Description Amount
Course Fee (Basic)Alternate registration fee$1,800.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Registration Fee$1,725.50
Mandatory FeeSkills Lab Fee$ 150.00