Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Please note prices are subject to change.

Number: 212XBUS52201

Dates:October 26, 2020 - February 19, 2021 Other Dates

Meets: M, Tu, W, Th and F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Cost: $7,990.00


Boost your career and your organization's performance. Attend world class training from the George Group - a division of Accenture, the leaders and people who wrote the books on Lean Six Sigma and integrating lean and Six Sigma into the Six Sigma framework. If you are only learning lean or Six Sigma, you don't have all the tools in your tool belt. Learn to combine lean speed with Six Sigma quality and variation reduction from the largest lean Six Sigma consulting practice in the U.S. This unique 20-day Black Belt Program by the George Croup is the culmination of over 15 years of conducting performance improvement acress a multitude of manufacturing and service industries.

The curriculum includes all the key tools and skills needed to get fast, sustainable project results. Action learning approach incorporates simulations, examples, team exercises, and case studies taken from real world problems faced by real companies. Learn Minitab through hands-on exercises. To ensure competency and understanding, black belts participants are expected to demonstrate abilities through in-class evaluations, exercises, exams teach backs and a completed off-site project.

Highlights include DMAIC, project definition, control charts, capability analysis, value stream and process mapping, measurement system analysis, regression, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, DOE, FMEA, mistake prodding, cycle time reduction, analytical batch sizing, 5S, pull systems, TPM, quick changeover, process flow and balancing, and much more.

*Black Belts must have access to a laptop with Minitab, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Minitab can be provided by Greenville Technical College at an additional charge.


Week 1: 10/26-30; Week 2: 12/07-11; Week 3: 01/11-15; Week 4: 02/15-19/2021 - Dates still need to be determined.

Although not required, it is recommended participants attend with a portable computer with Minitab and Excel loaded either as a functioning version or 30 day trial to fully participate in exercises. 30 Day trials should be downloaded in Week 3. If this is not possible, Greenville Tech may be able to provide a computer for classroom work only.

Materials included.

NOTE: This class is presented in a Virtual Classroom. Students and instructor will meet online during the scheduled class time. Login informaion will be sent prior to the first class.

The dates and times for this virtual class are still being determined. This site will be updated. Students that enroll prior to the dates final determination will be notified of the dates and times by email.

Fee: $7,990.00

Fee Breakdown

Category Description Amount
Course Fee (Basic)Registration Fee$7,990.00
Optional FeeSoftware$1,795.00
Date Day Time Location
10/26/2020Monday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
10/27/2020Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
10/28/2020Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
10/29/2020Thursday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
10/30/2020Friday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
12/07/2020Monday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
12/08/2020Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
12/09/2020Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
12/10/2020Thursday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
12/11/2020Friday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
01/11/2021Monday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
01/12/2021Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
01/13/2021Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
01/14/2021Thursday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
01/15/2021Friday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
02/15/2021Monday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
02/16/2021Tuesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
02/17/2021Wednesday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
02/18/2021Thursday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS
02/19/2021Friday8 AM to 5 PM OFF CAMPUS