ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification

Please note prices are subject to change.

Number: 201XCUL50101

Dates:September 19, 2020 Other Dates

Meets: Sa from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Northwest - Bldg 402 220

Cost: $179.00

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, this course is full. Please call 864-250-8800 to inquire about other course options.

Online registration for this course is unavailable. Please contact EDCT Records and Registration at 864-250-8800 during normal business hours or email for assistance.

Meets New 2014 SC Retail Food Establishment Regulations.

Textbook is included with course.

Special Registration Rates Available.

Please call Rhonda Anderson with questions: 864-250-8338.

Exams are ONLINE--Students must purchase an online exam code from ServSafe for $36.00. No Paper Exams Are Being Offered At The Present Time.

The following additional rates are also available:

1. $140.00---No Textbook. Class Instruction and Proctored Exam Only: For students who own the textbook, but need the full course instruction, and administration/proctoring of the exam. Textbook not included in fee.

2. $105.00---Proctored Exam Only: For students who need to take the Exam ONLY. Students will not be allowed into the instruction portion of this class. The exam is offered approximately, the last two hours of the course. Textbook not included in fee.

3. $105.00---Audit Course: For students that need or want to Audit the course, but do not need to take the Exam. Students will be dismissed from the course, at the beginning of the Exam. Approximately two hours before course ends. Textbook not included in fee.

No refund after textbook has been issued to student (textbook is sent via US Postal Service Certified Mail). Transfers will be made available to another class, if course is cancelled.

ServSafe scores are distributed to the student by ServSafe. Greenville Technical College does not receive ServSafe scores.


1. Book is mailed (textbook is sent via US Postal Service Certified Mail) to students OR student can pick up book from Program Manager's office. Contact Rhonda Anderson at 864-250-8338 for book distribution. 2. Students should review/read book prior to class attendance. 3. Students are issued a parking pass with their emailed receipt. Please print and place the parking pass on the dash of your vehicle, when you arrive for your class. 4. Exam is ONLINE and will be on the same day of the class meeting. 5. Students will need to purchase a code for the online exam. This can be purchased for $36.00 through ServSafe. 6. Students taking only the exam, can arrive at 2:30pm, on day of class, for review and test. 7. No refund after textbook has been issued to student. Transfers will be made available to another class, if course is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances or low enrollment.
Fee: $179.00

Northwest - Bldg 402 220

Northwest Campus, Building 402, Room 220 Greenville Technical College 8109 White Horse Road Greenville, SC 29617 864-246-7282 or 864-250-8800