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Artisan Breads
Bakeshop: Pastries at Home
Bread Making 101
Restaurant Desserts
The Art of Pies and Tarts
Flavoring Foods
Baking & Pastry Demonstration and Tasting Course at CHI
Culinary Demonstration & Tasting at CHI
Ways to use your Tomato Crop
How to use Spices and Herbs
Biscuits and Gravy
Shrimp and Grits
Thai Curry
How to Make Chicken Bog
Fall Soups and Chowders
Perlo: Favorite of the Lowcountry: Carolina Gold Rice and combination of farm fresh ingredient
Tailgate Appetizers
Sweet Bars
Cauliflower Rice Class
Tacos and Tortillas
Taste of Spain
Taste of Spain
Wok Hei: Learning Stir-fry Basics and Wok Cookery (Demo/Tasting)
Culinary 101: Fabricating a Whole Beef Tenderloin (Demo/Tasting)
Winter Favorites: Chowder and Chili
Mixology: Crafting Mocktails with LaRue Fine Chocolates
Enriched Doughs: King Cake, Cinnamon Rolls and Babka (Demo & Tasting)
Classic French Cuisine (VIRTUAL Hands-on)
Healthy Baking: Keto/Low-carb Breads and Cookies (Demo & Tasting)
Custom Cooking Demonstrations
Spanish Holiday: Paella, Romesco and Flan (Demo & Tasting)
Peak Season: Fresh Salmon and Spring Vegetables (Virtual with Food Pick-up)
The Art of the Picnic: Summertime Sandwiches (Demo/Tasting)
Summer Bounty: Farmers Market Cooking (Virtual)
Sweet and Savory Cheesecakes (Demo/Tasting)
Wine Education—Italy: Piedmont, Lombardy and Verona
Wine Education—Spain: Rioja, Priorat and Jerez
Wine Education—Greece: Macedonia, Peloponnese and Aegean Islands
Sous Vide BBQ
OLLI at Furman: Grits and Shrimp Demo
CHI Cuisines: The Southern Table
CHI Favorites
Culinary 201: Beyond the Basics
Date Night: Cooking for Two
Fundamentals of Sauce and Soups
Pit Master BBQ
Plant-powered Cooking
Street Foods Around the World
Children's Manners & Tea Etiquette
Dining Etiquette Around the World

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