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Prior to enrolling in Asbestos Worker Refresher, you must have completed the specified prerequisites (if you have not taken a prerequisite, you can click on the catalog code link to see a list of upcoming course sections):

Asbestos Worker Refresher

Asbestos Worker

Federal and state regulations require specific training for personnel involved in asbestos managment. This 4-day course meets SC-DHEC and EPA AHERA/ASHARA accreditation requirements for abatement workers disturbing friable asbestos in schools and in public and commercial buildings. The course also meets the training requirements for OSHA for all classes of asbestos work in accordance with 1926.1101. Hands-on training exercises for participants complement the practical instruction on how to safely perform asbestos abatement. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certificate of accreditation that may be used for licensing purposes. An annual 1-day refresher course is required for re-accreditation.

SC-DHEC, OSHA, and EPA/AHERA/ASHARA approved asbestos abatement training. Requires pre-notification to regulatory authorities and may be used for NC and SC licensing as an asbestos abatement professional. For other state licensing, please call Karen Hampton at 864-250-8438 to inquire about specific state approvals.

Offered in Spanish upon request.

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