Unit Secretary (Didactic Only)

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Number: 212XAHS53901

Meets: Online 24/7 access

Location: 000-No Location Needed

Cost: $989.00

Health Unit Secretary The Health Unit Secretary is an essential element in the running of a hospital station unit. Get the skills necessary for an exciting and challenging career as a Health Unit Coordinator, which has far reaching effects on the delivery of care to patients.

This 159-hour certificate program offers complete coverage of health unit coordinating from medical terminology to processing physician orders. The Health Unit Secretary course is offered online giving you flexibility to study and complete the course within 60 days.

Topics covered include:

o Interpersonal skills
o Medical terminology, basic human structure and diseases
o Patient medical records
o Maintaining statistical reports
o Greeting new patients, dealing with family members and visitors
o Physician orders

Required Prerequisites and Co-requisites:

o High school diploma or GED
o Online course - HIPAA Privacy Training (XAHS521)
o Online course - Osha Guidelines (XAOT515)

Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Greenville Technical College Unit Secretary certificate. Graduates from the program are qualified to take the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators certification exam with NAHUC.

BEFORE registering, you must meet with Amy Turner, call # (864)250-8518.

Optional: 80-hour Unit Secretary Clinical (XAHS540) after successful completion of course and clinical requirements. Additional clinical registration fee required. Clinical requirements: Criminal background check through Applya, Pre-clinical Orientation course (XAHS547), documentation of MMR and Varicella immunizations or positive titer levels, Negative two-step TB test or Quantiferon-TB blood test, Flu shot, and CPR.


Student will receive log-on instructions by email within 2-4 business days after registering. Required Textbook, available at Greenville Technical College Bookstore: "Health Unit Coordinating" You must also register for online courses: HIPAA (XAHS521) and OSHA Guidelines (XAOT515). NOTE: An 80-hour clinical is optional for the Unit Secretary program; the clinical has additional fee's and is NOT included in the Unit Secretary course registration fee. **Due to healthcare Covid restrictions, student clinicals may not be available** Requirements for optional clinical include: student successful completion of Unit Secretary course; additional online course (Preclinical Orientation XAHS547); MMR & Varicella immunization record or titers; current criminal background check through SR&I; negative two-step TB test or TB blood test; Flu shot: CPR for Healthcare Providers, and must pay the registration fee (XAHS540), etc. IMPORTANT: You must speak with Amy Turner, (864)250-8518, amy.turner@gvltec.edu, to review and sign the statement of understanding prior to beginning the program. The Unit Secretary optionalclinical must be COMPLETED within 4 months of satisfactory completion of the online portion.
Fee: $989.00

000-No Location Needed


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