IAQA Indoor Environmentalist - Fundamentals (Virtual)

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Number: 213PEVT52701

Dates:May 10-12, 2021 Other Dates

Meets: M, Tu and W from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: 000-No Location Needed

Cost: $950.00


The Indoor Environmentalist Fundamentals Level training program is designed to assist with the development of professionals interested in providing indoor environmental quality (IEQ) investigations, reporting results and make recommendations for solutions for IEQ problems in residential buildings. The course is taught over a three-day period. This course provides the fundamental information necessary to perform many types of indoor environmental quality investigations including; moisture and microbial issues, allergens, toxic substances such as pesticides, and much more. There is no instruction on dealing with sound, lighting, ergonomics, electromagnetic fields and other less common IEQ related issues. This course does not provide certification or licensing for regulated areas such as asbestos and lead paint but does provide important information on these IEQ topics that all IEQ professionals should know.

Those starting out in this field should have or develop a strong team of professionals to assist them with specific areas. Examples of the type of team members include; laboratories, legal professionals, building scientists, medical professionals, industrial hygienists and others. It is crucial that those taking this course realize that often times a mentor is vital to ensure that you do not get in over your head on this type of project. IEQ issues often times involve the health of occupants and anytime you are dealing with health issues it is vital to know your limits and know who to call when you reach those limits. Experience IEQ professionals should be contacted to help mentor those new to the industry.

Any level practitioner will benefit from this course, especially those that have focused on a single component of IEQ or those that have been involved in IEQ contracting issues. Contractors are commonly the first professionals on site or on the phone with building owners or residents that need IEQ consulting services. Understanding who can help, how to find them, how to communicate with them and what your limits are is vital to providing value added services in residential and commercial buildings. This course is the first step in learning what your part is in the big picture of IEQ. This course also helps prepare attendees for the ACAC CIE(Council – Certified Indoor Environmentalist) & CIEC(Council – Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant) exam.


Books will be provided.
Fee: $950.00

000-No Location Needed

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05/10/2021Monday8 AM to 5 PM 000-No Location Needed
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