Fall Protection Authorized User (Virtual)

Please note prices are subject to change.

Number: 213XEVT59101

Dates:May 12, 2021 Other Dates

Meets: W from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: 000-No Location Needed

Cost: $199.00

It's dangerous to work on an elevated platform, but you CAN learn to protect yourself and others from Fall Hazards. This half-day class will teach you how to:
" Recognize and avoid unsafe conditions and behaviors related to fall hazards
" Identify regulations applicable to fall hazards in construction and in general industry
" Recognize fall hazards and function within a safety management system
" Identify fall hazards associated with ladders
Skill checkoffs include #1 Inspection of Fall Protection Equipment, #2 Harness Application, #3 PFAS Setup, #4 Self-Rescue , and #5 Ladder Safety.

Fee: $199.00

000-No Location Needed