Primary Care Coding

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Course Description

Primary care has been part of the health care industry for a long time. It has been applied to hospital, nursing, and physician services. No matter where the term is used, primary care is defined as the initial care rendered to an individual who exhibits a health problem. Since primary care physicians (PCPs) provide initial services and treatments to patients who exhibit a variety of diagnoses, there is no one specific ICD-9-CM section for this type of practice. CPT, E/M, and Medicine codes are the mainstay of primary care. This course will describe the term primary care physician, discuss CPT service or procedure codes associated with primary care, and identify Medicare considerations.

--Describe the meaning of primary care.
--Differentiate between a primary care physician and a specialist.
--Discuss the relevance of Evaluation and Management codes to primary care.
--Explain the significance of the terms and phrases presented in the Medicine section guidelines.
--Correctly assign Evaluation and Management and Medicine codes to services provided by the primary care physician (PCP).
--Compare the criteria between a Consultation and a Referral.

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