RCRA and DOT Refresher

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Course Description

This is a unique DOT-RCRA hybrid "refresher" course. The course includes an overview of hazardous waste management laws and regulations, a guide to complying with the myriad of hazardous waste regulations including how to recognize hazardous wastes, how to manage waste correctly on site, how to properly select, label and mark waste containers, how to prepare shipments for transport to treatment, storage and disposal facilities, and how to properly keep records for compliance and enforcement.
Dates:August 1 - December 31, 2015   Check for other Dates
Meets:ONLINE - 24/7 access , 13 session(s)
Fee: $149.00

Log-on instructions will be emailed to you from JER Group within 3-5 business days. Instructor Supported. 3 month course

Sorry, this course is inactive. Please contact our office to see if it will be reinstated, or if alternative classes are available.