Patient Service Representative

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Number: 212XAOT51301

Dates:February 15 - March 31, 2021 Other Dates

Meets: M, Tu and W from 9:00 AM to 12 N

Location: Brashier - Bldg 202 206

Cost: $797.00

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As a Patient Service Representative, you are often the first person the patient sees when he or she walks through the door. You are truly on the front lines, representing the practice to the public. Work settings can vary from the hospital to a small family practice.

In this six week course you will learn an array of job duties in the medical office from making appointments, to medical records, medical coding, bookkeeping, and insurance and patient collections.

This course provides comprehensive coverage of practical, real-world medical office skills needed to thrive in any healthcare setting. The Patient Service Representative is a rewarding career for someone who wants to work in the healthcare field and enjoys helping others

With this course, there is a one week (40 hour) externship where you will be able to work and observe in a medical office. The following online courses are required prior to clinical: HIPAA (XAHS521), OSHA (XAOT515), National Medicare (XAHS529) and PreClinical (XAHS547).

Prerequisites to become a Patient Service Representative student:
*Possess a high school diploma or GED
*Must have criminal background check processed through SR&I
*Present negative 2-step TB test and flu shot immunization record
*Present MMR & Varicella immunization documentation


This is a hybrid course: students complete course both online and in classroom located at Simpsonville Brashier campus. Contact for PSR course information REQUIREMENTS: • High School diploma or GED • Criminal background check BEFORE class begins through Applya. • **Background check must be done with Applya #864-990-3696** Approx cost $40 • HIPAA Privacy online course (XAOT521) $109, • OSHA Guidelines online course (XAOT515) $89 • National Medicare online course (XAHS529) $100 • Preclinical online course (XAHS547) $49 • MMR (qty-2), Varicella (qty-2) vaccinations or positive titers • Infuenza vaccnation (flu season) • 2-step TB or QuantiFERON blood test Must present the following documentation on the 1st day of course: -Negative 2-step TB test (2 injections & 2 readings; both readings must be negative) or TB Blood Test (QuantiFERON). -Current influenza vaccination (required during flu season October to March). -Proof of TWO MMR immunizations or MMR titers. MMR = Measles (Rubeola), Mumps and Rubella -Proof of TWO Varicella immunizations or Varicella titers. _Completion of Hipaa, Osha, National Medicare and Pre-Clinical online courses COMPUTER SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS INCLUDE: • Use a desktop or laptop computer for basic task • Use a word processing and printing program • Log onto the internet from a home, office, or college computer. GTC has computer labs for students. • Navigate the Internet • Use email, including attaching a file to an email message BACKGROUND CHECK: Instructions for obtaining background check through APPLYA is included in PSR course information email sent from instructor. Optional PSR Externship (XAOT518): • Students may register and pay for 40-hour non-paid externship after successful completion of PSR course and completion of ALL addlitional course requirements by due date. • Externship date: April 2021 • Externship hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. • *Dates of externship subject to change* Students are to contact Amy Turner #864-250-8518 or after they have registered. Mandatory course handout fee $30 and graduation/clinical fee $35 automatically added on to cost of registration fees.
Fee: $797.00

Fee Breakdown

Category Description Amount
Course Fee (Basic)Registration Fee$ 732.00
Mandatory FeeClinical/Graduation Fee$ 35.00
Mandatory FeeHandout fee$ 30.00

Brashier - Bldg 202 206

Brashier Campus, Building 202, Room 206
Greenville Technical College
1830 West Georgia Road
Simpsonville, SC 29680
864-250-8800 or 864-228-5000

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